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Free single page php mp3 search engine

Once again I have come up with an mp3 search engine script and it's a very small script compared to my other mp3 search engines but the design is very pretty. It uses PHP and the source for mp3 files
Adblock detector for websites

A few days ago, I showed you how you can detect ad blocker extension using the jQuery height method which wasn't strict because that one was just an example for you. Here's another one for you but thi
Complete PayPal IPN example for digital downloads

So, I have integrated the IPN system on my website for digital downloads and I have decided to share an example on how to do it. When I first made this website live, I wasn't using PayPal's IPN and th
Why php mail() function isn't working on live servers

While testing the php mail function on local server, it works fine but as soon as you run your script on your live server or the hosting, specially the shared hosting, it simply won't work or to be cl
Basic XML structure for sitemaps

If you don't have an XML sitemap for your website yet, you need to create one now because it helps Google to crawl and categorize your site better and for that, you will have to submit your sitemap to
XML RSS structure for custom built websites

When you use CMS like google's blogger or WordPress, you don't need to do anything because your XML RSS will be built automatically and on WordPress, you get more controls and plugins. But some develo
Upload and convert video to GIF using FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a great solution for web developers to create a multimedia website. It's as simple as MySQL queries. Just a single line of command is all you need to convert a video to GIF or to any format
Different random background image using PHP

Here's something cool you can do to the design part using PHP. This example is about using a different website background image randomly using PHP. What I did in the example is, I have used 4 differen