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Different random background image using PHP
Here's something cool you can do to the design part using PHP. This example is about using a different website background image randomly using PHP. What I did in the example is, I have used 4 differen
Getting src values from all 'img' tags of an external link
The previous one was about getting the href values from the 'a' tags and now, this example will show you how you can get the src values from all the 'img' tags of an external URL. This example uses si
Getting href values from all 'a' tags from an external URL using simpl
Using simple html dom, you can do amazing stuffs from an external HTML page just by writing a few lines of PHP code. This example shows you how you can get the href values from all the HTML 'a' tags o
Php MySQLi voting system [Ronaldo vs Zlatan vs Messi]
Finally I'm sharing something related to football. It's a php MySQLi polling system and I have decided to go with Ronaldo, Zlatan and Messi and I don't think I need to give any explanation why I have
Free single page php mp3 search engine
Once again I have come up with an mp3 search engine script and it's a very small script compared to my other mp3 search engines but the design is very pretty. It uses PHP and the source for mp3 files
Single page website template [gisha]
Gisha is the name I gave to this template design and it's a very beautiful template which can be used for businesses such as marketing and all but it will require a bit of editing and constructing to
Free single page website template for business
This one is a single page website design which is free to download and it can be used for small personal businesses but you will have to edit it according to your business. The code is clean so you wo
Slide in ad using CSS3 animation
This example shows you how you can make a slide in ad using CSS3 animation. You can use any ad size of any ad program for this one but I'm not sure if it's okay with adsense but other then them, this