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Get movie details from IMDB using php [simple_html_dom]

I was recently creating a movie website for sale which will be here soon after I'm tired of being lazy. So, for saving some time while publishing a movie on that website, I decided to use the API prog
Viewing your localhost websites on mobile devices

It's always better to test your website's responsiveness on actual mobile and tablet devices than just by resizing your browser width. Testing the websites by resizing your browser is not a bad option
Email verification example using PHP

This is just an example so I have only created a form which only allows you to enter an email address. You can also implement the idea to your registration form or your newsletter. The only thing you
Free admin panel using bootstrap with php login and registration

The admin panel design is very basic with white in color and I didn't even add many pages to it since it will be removed by you if you use this admin panel for any of your project. I have used bootstr
Maximize minimize and close div using Jquery and CSS

The method behind it is very simple. How it's happening is, when you click on the max-min icon, it adds a class name 'min' to the main div using jQuery toggle class which changes the layout of the box
Custom advertisements for website using php [text ads]

Along with your usual advertising programs, you could also use custom built ad spots on your website for that extra income. The code is written in php and it uses PayPal as the payment method. The exa
Few important tips for beginner web developers

Everyone on the internet calling themselves professionals used to be a beginner and at some point, even they had to learn about writing their first code. So, if you have just started learning about cr
PHP MySQLi newsletter example

Newsletter is one of the important things for a website which can drive lots of traffic to your site if done correctly. Here's an example on how you can create a basic newsletter using PHP and MySQL w