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PHP MySQLi login and registration with email verification and forgot password
I have already shared a login and registration system using php which was good but don't have the ability to verify email address which is why I have decided to create another version and include email verification in it. You can download the complet
Complete PayPal IPN example for digital downloads
So, I have integrated the IPN system on my website for digital downloads and I have decided to share an example on how to do it. When I first made this website live, I wasn't using PayPal's IPN and the reason is, you can't test your code locally and
Free php video script with auto mp3 and 3gp converter
This one is a very small and simple video script but that isn't going to stop you from making money with this script with the help of advertisements. The script is fully mobile friendly and the design is well organized and decent as well. It also con
Cheap PHP MySQLi mp3 search engine script [CCB4]
I have kept this one simpler compared to my other premium mp3 search engines but the design turned out to be better than the others. I have used black and yellow as the primary color and there's no admin panel for this one which is why it's cheap. Ev
Free movie streaming and downloading php script [CCB3]
Here's the movie script I was talking about for a long time and it turned out to be a great one. The best part about this script is that it don't require FFMPEG for publishing movies. The admin panel is short and simple, you just need to type the IMD
Installing FFMPEG on your windows 7 PC
Recently I've started working with FFMPEG and while installing it on my windows PC, I faced a lot of difficulty finding the right tutorial on the internet. Almost all of them didn't work for me except for one which was a YouTube video and it took qui
How to use OMDB API [IMDB unofficial API]
OMDB API service is currently the most reliable and only API service which gives us the ability to fetch IMDB data easily. Recently there has been some glitches at their website which made them to stop their service for a while but it seems to be bac
Responsive masonry image gallery
This image gallery was created using Masonry -Masonry is a JavaScript grid layout library. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall. You’ve probably seen it in
Download link with expiry using PHP and MySQLi
Displaying your file location to your users is a very bad idea and if it's a premium file, you are literally giving away your stuff for free. You should always hide your file locations when you allow users to download something from your site.With a
Get movie details from IMDB using php [simple_html_dom]
I was recently creating a movie website for sale which will be here soon after I'm tired of being lazy. So, for saving some time while publishing a movie on that website, I decided to use the API program OMDb which is really awesome and the best part
Viewing your localhost websites on mobile devices
It's always better to test your website's responsiveness on actual mobile and tablet devices than just by resizing your browser width. Testing the websites by resizing your browser is not a bad option either but testing it on actual mobile browsers w
Email verification example using PHP
This is just an example so I have only created a form which only allows you to enter an email address. You can also implement the idea to your registration form or your newsletter. The only thing you need for this thing to work is a server with worki