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Custom advertisements for website using php [text ads]

Along with your usual advertising programs, you could also use custom built ad spots on your website for that extra income. The code is written in php and it uses PayPal as the payment method. The exa
Few important tips for beginner web developers

Everyone on the internet calling themselves professionals used to be a beginner and at some point, even they had to learn about writing their first code. So, if you have just started learning about cr
PHP MySQLi newsletter example

Newsletter is one of the important things for a website which can drive lots of traffic to your site if done correctly. Here's an example on how you can create a basic newsletter using PHP and MySQL w
[Updated] Php YouTube mp3 search engine + crawler [ccb2]

I have created another php mp3 search engine but this one is way better than the previous one because along with YouTube search engine, it has got an mp3 crawler too. You just copy paste an URL, and t
Anniversary card design using css3 animation

This one is very similar to my previously shared birthday card design using css3 animation but instead of 2 pages, it got 3 and a few other changes as well. The css3 animation is very simple so I hope
News API example using php

After doing a lot of searching, I have found one source which provides free news API. There are lots of other but I found this easier and better but the problem is, they don't provide the full article
PHP URL shortener example

This example is about creating a url shortener using PHP. I didn't do much on the example, just the basic PHP and HTML lines of code which should give you the idea for a head start. The short URLs are
Cookie warning bar with PHP cookie for one time display

You might have notice that these days almost in every website even in mine you are seeing a warning or a notice bar which says 'our website uses cookies'. Creating a bar like these is not a big deal a